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Sound - Installation - Temporary artistic intervention in urban space -

Living resorts
uqbar, Berlin
Eva Kietzmann/Petra Kübert

Harmony, freedom, security and peace - the remaining wasteland in Berlin's inner city is overtaken bit by bit by construction projects for exclusive living concepts. Is it possible that the goldenrod, a resistant, two meter high, star-shaped flowering plant, also considered a weed, makes a stand against this development?
In this mixed-media-installation we referred to the dying wastelands in the city center, placing it as a space for projection, speculation and also as a resource.
The installation contains bundles of goldenrods and the sound-play "This is not wallpaper", which presents a visionary dialogue between two imaginary future residents. The texts are based on found advertising slogans of the Berlin real estate market.

In addition we invited for a performative lecture, in which we replanted the goldenrods from privatized land back to public space and pointed out their relevance to the ecological system in the city.

Installation view, uqbar, Berlin, 2014
(Fotos by Anja Schaffner)

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