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Living resorts
uqbar, Berlin
Eva Kietzmann/Petra Kübert

Harmony, freedom, security and peace - the remaining wasteland in Berlin's inner city is bit by bit taken by construction projects for exclusive living concepts. Is it possible that the goldenrod, a resistant, two meter high, star-shaped flowering plant, also considered as weed, makes a stand against this developpment?

For their new sound installation, the artists refer to the dying wasteland in the city center, placing it as a space for projection, speculation and also as a resource. The Installation builds on the work Die schöne Kunst des Wohnens (The Beautiful World of Hiome Decor, 2013), that is based on a reasearch on gentricficaion processes and image production in the district Berlin-Mitte. By means of artistic intervention and performance they appropriated the places, which have been transformed by new architectures of exclusive living concepts into "lifestyle-wasteland".

4.8.2014, 19:00, uqbar, Berlin

In a performative lecture by Eva Kietzmann and Petra Kübert related to their current sound installation "Living Resorts" on show at uqbar. The artists give insight into the way they work and tell how they became aware of the goldenrod, a plant growing a lot on waste land, and how they got the idea to bring this plant into an exhbition space. The lecture will be followed by a planting action: goldenrods, originating from Berlin waste land threatened by privatization, will be retransfered to the public space.

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